Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Haute Couture

Haute Couture - what do you think if you hear this word ?
for me couture is sumthing bout Rare and Unique dress ..even though all this dress not ready to wear especially in my country Indonesia.. but i still love couture.
Talk about couture many name comes out such as Elie Saab , Marchesa , Alexander McqueenVersace , Dior Couture , Oscar De la Renta , and etc etc..
And all their design totally amazing and droolinggg..here r some of my favourite ...

By Alexander Mcqueen 

  By Elie Saab

  By Marchesa


  And the others random brand

Dior Couture

Versace Dress

Random Picture



   So which one do you like ?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

it's just begin

Its been long time i never post a blog..
This is wat i want to tell dat i already engaged since 5 Feb 2011,
but it's just begin..many things to do so why i'm busy lately..very thankfull to all the family and friends who greeting us..
A small party for this engagement make me and My sister doin sum cutey dessert table inspired by  here.
all our (me and My Fiance) happy moment taken by Herna Photography.. and again our journey just begin..

Flower arrangement by Beezeason Florist
calla lili arrangement by Beezeason Florist

one of my bridesmaid

red heart peeptoe by alexander mcqueen make my day
dessert table by me and finnora ciska
During the engagement routine, my family have some little chinese routine. We waiting groom to be and family come to our house and make this engage to be legal
from groom to be family

the symbolize for this engaged

both of us must drink this sweet tea for being sweetsss ha ha ha (chinese tradition)
the other tradition..eat this sweet red pie..Yeahh i know my family is too chinese..but its a tradition..so easy to follow :)

with my sister in law
being new of Tamara's Family
and forever i love my family
all the legal is done..mission complite for this little engagement at my house, and also we going to restaurant for having lunch with those family, more chitchat more picture during this end of day...i'm happy for it..

i love u dad
intro for my sister and her little family

my lil bro and his girlfriend

we try some pose for small rehearsal with those girls and yes those girls are my bridesmaid for the wedding (L-R : Meirina Me&Fiance Anastasia Siantar)